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California Capital Air Show ( Added 06/11/2007)

This is going to be a yearly update from now on just like the autorama photos. I wasn't expecting much from this airshow but was quite impressed, especially with the perfomance of the plane you see to the left - the F-22 Raptor. There are 114 pictures and 5 movies on display! These pictures are by far my best photography to date.

Sacramento River Cats Section (Last Update 4/23/2006)

This section is all the River Cats pictures I've ever taken. There are great pictures here, Raley Field is the best minor league park in the country hands down, and the River Cats are one of the best AAA teams in history.
Last Update: 05/18/2007 vs Colorado Sky Sox

Sacramento Kings Section (Last Update: 4/19/2007)

This section has all the Sacramento Kings photos I've ever taken,
and some video as well.

Latest: Sacramento Kings vs Los Angeles Lakers - 04/18/2007 (Inc. Video!)

Sacramento Autorama   (Includes years 2004 through 2007)

I go to the autorama every year, it is the second longest running indoor custom car show in the world. I take a ridiculous amount of pictures every year! Take a look at these pictures, car lovers won't be disappointed.
2007 Photographs now up!

Bay Area Baseball

This section holds photographs taken at any Athletics Game, Giants Game, or even Athletics vs Giants games! I've never been able to pick one team or the I've always liked both teams, sue me.

New: San Francisco Giants vs Oakland Athletics - 06/23/2006