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Bay Area Baseball Photography


San Francisco Giants vs Oakland Athletics - 06/23/2006

This was a great game - Bonds stole his first base in about 2 years and the A's won the game in the top of the ninth on a Nick Swisher triple! Since I'm a fan of both the A's and Giants, it was a great game. For fans of both teams like me, you can't beat the bay bridge series!

Oakland Athletics Retire Dennis Eckersley's Jersey - 08/13/2005

On this day the game was really secondary (at least to me) to the Eckersley jersey retirement ceremony. I'd like to find the guy who
kept putting his hand in my shot and beat him to death with my camera :)

San Francisco Giants vs Milwaukee Brewers - 04/24/2005

I learned a very important lesson at this game - bleacher seats suck at day games. The seats sucked and the Giants lost, but I got a ton of great pictures anyway. There was also a motorcycle stunt show in the parking lot after the game, so I got a few shots of that too.

Oakland Athletics vs Boston Red Sox - 09/07/2004

Aside from the A's and Giants, my next favorite team is definitely the Red Sox. They don't come to town often since they're on the east coast, so it was good to get to go to this game. Too bad the A's got whupped on!

Oakland Athletics vs Seattle Mariners - 07/28/2004

I was going to Ozzfest in SF the day after so I figured while in town I would try and get some A's tickets. I lucked out and got front row seats down the third base line! This made for some really excellent pictures. Well, that and a nice camera. This was also Root Beer Float Day at the ballpark, which explains the pictures of the mug and the indoor shots.

San Francisco Giants vs Arizona Diamondbacks - 09/07/2003

Another game that wasn't great, and the Giants blew it in the end, but again made up for by the fact that we had really great seats. I believe this was the first time I had been to this ballpark.