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Sacramento Kings vs. Utah Jazz - 04/20/2002
2002 NBA Playoffs Round 1 Game 1 - 42 Images

Note: Sorry about the quality of these, but since the lower level is not as steep of an incline, I had to raise the camera over my head to
clear the noggins of the people in front of me, making my hold on the camera a lot less stable. But hey, at least I was able to get em right?

airchristie bibbyshot christielayup crowd1
airchristie.jpg         bibbyshot.jpg         christielayup.jpg         crowd1.jpg        
crowd2 dance dancers1 dancers2
crowd2.jpg         dance.jpg         dancers1.jpg         dancers2.jpg        
flippers-gatorade hedolayup intheair kirilenkodribble
flippers-gatorade.jpg         hedolayup.jpg         intheair.jpg         kirilenkodribble.jpg        
kirilenkoshot mailmanairmail marshallft no!
kirilenkoshot.jpg         mailmanairmail.jpg         marshallft.jpg         no!.jpg        
pejadribble webberft1    
pejadribble.jpg         webberft1.jpg